Blocarea conexiunilor nedorite prin fisierul hosts

Daca te-ai saturat de reclame, pagini deschise fara sa le acceezi, etc, poti edita fisierul hosts de pe computerul tau astfel:

Pentru inceput:

In Microsoft operating systems, the HOSTS file is located in the following location:


Note: We also have tutorial articles on how to edit a hosts file in Windows 8, edit a hosts file in Windows 7 and on a mobile device running Windows RT.


The below does not apply to Windows 10 … seems Microsoft has finally corrected the issue …

Before you can install a custom HOSTS file in Win8, you will need to make a change in Windows Defender … otherwise Defender will automatically remove your custom file and replace it with the default from Microsoft.

Hosts file is detected as malware in Windows Defender (Win8)
“This issue occurs because Windows Defender may determine incorrectly that the Hosts file was changed by malware”

Hostsman even has a warning about this issue …
The folks at Microsoft that write the code detection for Defender are just lazy or don’t get it! … There has never been a malware infection that only affected the HOSTS file … so why if when nothing else is detected does Defender still determine that you are infected? So in order to avoid the false detection, follow the instructions in the above Microsoft article. Basically you will need to exclude the Hosts file from scanning in Windows Defender. Once you have done this installing/updating should no longer be an issue.
Next step
Simply locate the “” file you downloaded, by default it should be located in your “User” Download folder.
Highlight the file (single-click) then right-click and select > Extract All from the menu …

Next: Make sure there is a check in the “Show extracted files when complete” option [screenshot]

Next: right-click the installer (mvps.bat) and select: Run as Administrator (see below)

Ok the UAC prompt and the batch file will run … which will backup the existing HOSTS file to HOSTS.MVP then copy the updated HOSTS file to the proper location. You should see a completed prompt (press any key) and that’s it …



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