Guide to unbrick any lenovo Vibe Shot Z90-7

Guide to unbrick any lenovo Vibe Shot Z90-7

Option 1:
If you have bricked with chinese rom than its easy> go to recovery> navigate to power off> plug usb cable and press volume +> your phone should be in qualcomm 9008 mode. Use qfil or miflash.

Option 2:
you have bricked your phone from row rom , than you will have qualcomm 9006 mode.

To enter in 9008 you will have to do it like this:
Step 1: Open miflash (download s074 rom and unpack it) as if you are about to flash it

Step 2: go to recovery and navigate to power off

Step 3: start hitting power button like crazy (like 3-5 times a second) and if lucky you will hear sound before the lenovo sign appear. You will have 10 seconds before phone restarts
(If the device manager is open you will see 9008 mode)

Step 4: Switch immeditely to miflash press f5 (refresh) and you will se com_1-10.
Then press flash and voila you are about to flash new rom

Option 3:
use LENOVO SMART ASSIST from official site, navigate to repair (model z90a40, hw code 10) you will be offered to download s363 rom, download it and before flash, you will have to repeat steps in option 1 or 2 to enter 9008 mode, and the flashing will begin immeditely.

Option 4: via fastboot you can enter in 9008 mode on some models if you type
fastboot reboot-edl (or: fastboot reboot edl)
Option 5:
If yiur phone is fully bricked (won’t turn on, no lenovo logo, no vibration, device manager sees it as usb_bulk or something) than you need to open it and use TEST POINTS (see post 944)

Ps. I RECOMMEND S074 ROM AS INITIAL rom for unbricking, because after you flash it you could always enter 9008 mode with ease, just by pressing volume + and power.

Good luck to you all

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